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Backsplashes are a great way to add a unique and colorful touch to your kitchen, but where do you begin? There are so many tiles, patterns, and colors to choose from, and CMC Flooring is here to guide you through the process, step by step.
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A homeowner should keep the following things in mind when preparing to have a backsplash installed:
  • • The backsplash needs to work well with your existing countertops. The texture and pattern of your countertops should be taken into account when looking at backsplashes.
  • • Positioning is crucial. A backsplash that hasn't taken the rest of your kitchen into account can make the room appear disconnected and it won't "flow" as it should. Done professionally, a backsplash can express your individuality and also bring the room together, allowing everything to work cohesively.

Most importantly, unless you have professional experience installing backsplashes, call CMC Flooring to have the job done right. Our professional installers will ensure you are not only satisfied, but thrilled with the process, all while staying within your budget.
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